Saturday, January 9, 2016

PICKit3 and DIYMall Board

PICkit 3 and DIYMall programming board.
PIC16F1503 in programming position.
When I wrote the last article about the PIC, I had forgotten to take some pictures of the PICkit 3 and the DIYMall programming board.

I've include them here. The PICkit 3 is really quite nice little unit, and pretty easy to use, once you figure out the details.

The DIYMall board, which came with no separate documentation, and certainly had no documentation on any web site, appears to have comprehensive, if somewhat cryptic, documentation on the back of the board. You can see the four heavy white lines on the back, that indicate the proper positions for different types of devices.

Complete documentation on the back of the DIYMall board.
40 and 28 pin DIPs go and the end, on the 1/40 pin mark. 8, 14, 18 and 20 pin DIPs go at the 11/30 pin mark. PIC16F57 chips have a special place at the 5/36 pin mark. As does the tiny six-pin PIC10FX chips, which go in backwards at the far end the 20/21 pin mark. The three jumpers, J1, J2 and J3 need to be appropriately selected as well.

It seems unlikely that a lot of new designs would use the older PIC16F57 or PIC10FX chips, but it is nice to know it is possible.

Once you set the jumpers and drop the chip in the right place, they actually program pretty easily.

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