Tuesday, December 29, 2020

KK1L Antenna Switch Installed

Antenna selection panel at eye level in station.
Last month, I built the KK1L 2x6 Antenna switch. But to use it in my station, I needed to be able to select the right antennas.

I found a small metal box and a 1 pole-7 way switch in my junk box. A couple of switches, an LED and a 15 volt DC wall-wart, and I was done.

On the right is a power switch with an LED. The center switch selects the antenna relay, or none at all (it has seven selections, and there are only six relays). 

The small switch on the left controls the shunt feed matching network

It works great, and has completely replaced the 6-position B&W switch I've been using for years. In fact, I had to remove the old B&W switch from the operating position because of the habit of looking at it. 

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