Monday, June 17, 2024

RealVNC Changes Terms, without Notice.

Just over three years ago, I figured out how to Remotely operate FT8 using a product called RealVNC. 

RealVNC had a Home plan that allowed up to 3 users and up to 5 devices for non-commercial use. Perfect for remotely controlled computers in a ham radio shack.

Today, without any notice, RealVNC disabled my Home plan, and I had to choose between paying each month for a plan, or adopting their Lite plan, which allows 1 user and up to 3 devices for non-commercial use.

That's fine. They allow me to use their secure remote access software without fees. I can understand they might want to change the terms.

The Lite plan fits my usage. I've only ever had two devices active anyway, and it's just me as the user. 

But, without notice - that is just damned inconvenient. Since I switched plans, I need to visit each device and re-configure them to be part of the new plan. Which means I can't remote into those computers until that is completed. 

And, of course, since I'm remote, I'm not there.

Quite inconvenient.

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  1. Have used several remote software/programs in the past. I stick with google desktop the last few years. 73, Bas