Sunday, January 20, 2013

Awards Made Easy - LotW

I passed a milestone this week. Somewhere in my NAQP Phone log upload, I passed 20,000 QSLs in the Logbook of the World(LotW). I have nearly 57,000 QSOs upload into LotW.

I can't imagine collecting 20,000 QSLs by conventional cards. It would take an enormous amount of work. Granted, most of the confirmations I have are for pretty routine contest QSOs that would likely not have bothered with the formality of a paper cards.

In any case, all those confirmations have gone a long way toward earning awards. I've already discussed getting 6-band Worked All States. I've also gotten DXCC, Mixed, CW, Phone, 20m and 15m. I have enough confirmations to get 40m and 10m as well -- I just tend to get one certificate each year.

I was intrigued when the WPX award came on-line in LotW. I found that I have enough confirmations for dozens of awards. I decided I'd hold out for the WPX Award of Excellence.

If you are interested in these operating awards, there's no better way to get the needed confirmations than Logbook of the World. Sure, it's a hassle to get on the system, but once you do, uploading submissions is relatively easy. And then the confirmations just keep on coming.

I wonder how long it will take to get to 30,000?

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