Monday, November 30, 2020

Schematic for the Little 40m Receiver

I'll admit that it has taken far too long for me to publish this schematic. I wrote the original article about a small solid state receiver in January of 2009. I promised a schematic, but I never published it. 

The original sketches of the schematic are too embarrassing to publish directly, so I had to re-draw the schematic neatly.  I started on it last summer, but I finally finished it very recently. 

Just click on the image to the right. 

A couple of notes on the schematic.

The IF Out label on the right side of the page connects to the IF Out label in the lower middle of the drawing. 

I didn't have a 7808, so I used a 7805 regulator with a stack of four 1N4001 diodes that gives about a 7.5 volt supply. You could use a 7808. In fact, I purchased one a while ago, but I've never modified the rig to use it.

You might have to adjust the values in the S-meter circuit if your meter movement isn't a 600-ohm 250 uA device like I used.

I don't have a block diagram, but the sections are straightforward:

  • SA612 Mixer / Oscillator
  • Crystal ladder filter
  • MC1350 IF Amplifier
  • SA612 Product Detector / Oscillator
  • LM 386 AF Amplifier
  • LM 358 AGC Amplifier / S-meter driver
  • 2N3906 Mute driver

I built the rig in stages, starting with the AF Amplifier, then the Product Detector, IF Amplifier, Crystal Ladder filter, Mixer. I then added the AGC Amplifier and the S-meter driver, and finally the mute driver. 

The Crystal Ladder filter is based on 4.915 MHz crystals. The Oscillator is 7 MHz above that, nominally tuning 11.915-12.065 MHz. I've been thinking about adding a switch with a different oscillator and bandpass coil to cover 30m. 

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