Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to My Weblog

With the new year, I'm sure everyone has made some resolutions. We like to think that the beginning of a new calendar means we can fundamentally improve ourselves. Let's hope so. One of my resolutions was to start a weblog -- and so, here it is.

You may be wondering about the title -- why The Boring Ham Radio Part? Well, that's a funny story. I used to work with a fellow here in Atlanta, and discovered he was an amateur radio operator. We became fast friends. As fate would have it, Mike changed jobs and moved away. But, we still kept in touch.

He and his wife Lisa (also a ham) send out a long letter with their Christmas cards. I always enjoy reading this letter. They talk about their many cats, their hiking and vacation trips, and anything else interesting they have done. The part that I read first, however, is the part that Lisa always marks "Here comes the boring ham radio part." 

So I guess boring isn't so bad.

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